Paloma by Harleigh

@argentiny666 by @peachwavemag

I’ve known Paloma for over a year now and she’s one of my closest friends. We were both born on March 4 and embody a lot of the traits associated with Pisces. We feel a lot and share an unspoken sensitivity to that quality in each other. It feels nurturing and is probably the most beautiful aspect of our friendship.

             I wanted to capture the warmth I feel from our relationship through setting up a still atmosphere within the highly entropic environment of New York City. I view warmth from relationships as something unbounded by socially constructed forces, which is why I chose to use light as the setting. The light represents the fleeting warmth from intimate connection with another individual. It frees her from the distractions we are all inundated with once we step outside of this metaphoric light. The ephemerality of the light makes it all the more sacred.  

            I’d stay my style maintains a dream like aesthetic, but is also constantly fluctuating. It changes based on my subject’s personality or the type of experience I had with my subject when shooting them, in spite of physical inconsistencies it all functions as a whole do to my motives behind capturing the subjects. I gravitate towards shooting people close to me whom I find radiate uniqueness but don’t know how to communicate their energy in words. Photos sort of function as a tool in breaking down how their energy impacts me then reiterating it back to them through the image I create. It’s an excellent facilitator of communication in that sense and allows me to reveal to my subjects the novel force I find with in them. I got into photography about a year and a half ago, when I first entered into college, taking photos as a tool to connect with the new people I was meeting and wanted to know better.