Pondicherry IN

by @yasmin_mund

I’m Yasmin Mund, an award winning freelance photographer and photographic artist from Sydney, Australia.

I come from a background of design and visual communications, and am very much inspired by art and design in my every day work. I look for line, balance, symmetry and colour in my compositions, and I am influenced by traditional analog photography, not to mention the analog medium itself. I usually shoot my personal work on my Nikon FM2 35mm and Mamiya RB67 120mm film cameras. I find this challenges me more as an artist, to take time and care in creating photographic art. It's as if the restriction of limited shots and manual focus makes the work a little more magical when you do capture it perfectly.

I spent most of last year traveling to places like India, France, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco, where I really found my place in myself as a photographer. Since then, one of my images ‘Rooftop Dreams’ has won a number of awards internationally with National Geographic and International Photographer of the Year, as well as in Australia with Head on Photo Festival and smaller competitions like 'Blow Up’.

This year I was asked to return to India, to facilitate the photography subject I taught last year in a summer camp program for government schools called ‘Young Leaders’, outside of Hyderabad, India. After the camps finished I spent a week down in the stunning little town of Pondicherry on the south coast of India. I wanted to explore this little town, as historically is has a large French influence and today, still exhibits a beautiful blend of French and Indian culture. Once arriving, I realised I had made the right decision, as it is now one of my favourite places in India. It’s visual heaven and amazingly laid back in comparison to other areas of India. It now has a special place in my heart.