Ray & Annabel by Tova

@glittuhboi & @armsandlegs by @tovaby

This shoot happened somehow instantaneously. Ray, Annabel and I were sitting around at Ray's, listening to music, talking about astrology and film and life. They are two very dear friends of mine, and I think that they are two of the most truly original and unique people that I know. I feel so grateful that our little hangout turned into an accidental photoshoot, all collaborating and grabbing props and dragging plants into better lighting. Ray's place is an environment that feels very cozy and happy to me, with the plants and the way that the sun falls in in the afternoons. It's a very positive atmosphere every time I'm there. I like this shoot because I really feel as if it really features my main approach to photography: love!! It sounds silly to say, but I take photos because I truly have an overwhelming amount of love for the incredible people in my life and the intimate spaces they occupy. I have never left the house without my camera, because it means the world to me to take pictures of my friends and watch for and capture these charmed moments that I encounter every day. Perhaps I like this shoot most because Ray and Annabel really like these pictures of themselves, and I feel so grateful that I got to remind them just how beautiful they are.