Ripley by Megan

@ripple.chip by @meganmadgalena

Ripley is my best friend and muse. I love creating with her so much - it feels so natural. The location is just my neighbourhood actually. We went for a walk as the sun was going down and it worked out perfectly. We  were very inspired by yung Leo Dicaprio and 90s vogue editorials. Strong, androgynous, and kinda greasy. ha!

I always try to convey realness. I rarely use lighting or designer clothing etc.... I just want to capture the people I love! I hope that people can discover a different side of beauty and fashion from my photography. My dad gave me my first film camera when I was like 12 and I haven't really put it down since. I've always loved photographing my friends because I find them so inspiring and beautiful (inside and out) and I just want to capture that and show it to the world!!