Rosa & Lupe by Fabiola & Lupe

@hairbyrosay & @sfloopz by @whyphy415 & @sfloopz

Towards the start of last summer, we had this idea of creating a book documenting city kids and our culture. We asked our friends to participate via social media and Rosa was one of the first people to volunteer and believe in our project to this extent. The first time we shot with her was also the first time we met her and that's when we learned she was an aspiring makeup artist. The piece she included in our book was a rap based on her experiences and she really embraces being a Latina woman.

 The way we met was proof that our city is small. We (Lupe and Fabiola) grew up in the same neighborhood with mutual friends but everyone was connected in some way. In high school, we each had our own friends that eventually interconnected us via social media. The first time we officially met was at a bus stop on the street that would hold most of our memories in the future. Our friendship developed as all our similarities and differences came together and through the experiences we lived through, we found photography as our form of expression and combination of ideas. With our split personalities, we have created our own style in which we incorporate our visions and social issues we see in our city. We focus on documenting social issues and the youth culture of the Bay Area.