Rosa by Harriet

@eyynus by @ladyslobberin

Rosa is a young whirlwind, I think she may be unaware of the strong energy she projects; I can see a roller coaster going on behind her eyes that reminds me of my own mental brain as a teenager, so I find it quite peaceful but also inspiring to hang out with her. The last shoot we did together was quite ethereal so I wanted to do something a little bit rougher as girlhood to me is a little less 'flowers, long hair, pink and white' and a little more 'pass out in a bush and roll your eyes at the world'. The shoot was supposed to just be a test run on a camera I don't use very often and a roll of film I wanted to try, but the hard flash and colour scheme of black, green and a bit of blue flowed the vibe pretty well.

As a photographer I'd like to think I take a lot of my influences from 80's horror movies, indie flicks and hardcore fashion photography but I think what I actually produce is usually just a short series of slightly-awkward and almost-honest portraits. I'd like to think they tell a short story and maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with diptychs-trying to strengthen each image with something to reflect it on.