Samira by Jessica

@thisishowilook by @shotbyjessica


You know when you're on a job interview and the interviewer asks "so tell me about yourself" I never really know what to say. To put it in the most simple and straight forward way I'm just Jessica Marie Quezada. A girl from Brooklyn with a big heart aspiring to be a fashion/editorial photographer. I take all my photos with a Canon t3.  The key thing I do whenever I'm working with someone new is what I like to call "the give and take process". I like to have a conversation with my muse about everything and anything. I want them to know who I am and I want to know who they are. In doing this I inspire my muse to have confidence in me, if they were nervous, they're not nervous anymore.  

I met Sam through Brittany Byrd, she sent me a text saying her close friend loved my work and wanted to work with me- who's going to say no to the girl that turned Lil Uzi Vert into a slut right? LOL

Sam and I scheduled a date to shoot and when I met her I fell in love! Her heart and her soul is literally one of a kind! When it comes to modelling she is BAD ASS, she needs no directing. Sam knows what she's doing. Let's just say you'll see her face on the cover of Vogue someday. I wanted to capture something strong and vibrant but also something calm. Sam has a strong personality so she was the perfect model to make that vision come to life.