Selma Carlsson, 20, Artist (Berlin DE)


I am making collages and illustrations, I've always been drawing my whole life and I have always had a interest for fashion, a mixed-feelings kind of interest. I started making collages five years ago and Its challenging and so much fun. When I make collages I have the power over the images, I like to take pictures out of their context too see what happens when they get mixed with others in a new one. To have the power as a woman and feminist over the pictures of women in magazine, to make them my own is also a aspect that makes the whole concept of collage interesting for me. The feeling that its something I am getting better and better at is also very rewarding, like I'm getting closer and closer to the ideas i have in my head. Moving away from Stockholm and living on my own in Berlin have had a huge impact on my image, like I'm moving in a more open and challenging direction with my images now.  All images are made by hand, cutouts and paper glue.