Sharkkana, 22, Stylist


image by @lryeguinve


Whats your definition of beauty?

Just being. Embracing everything that you are or what something is.


Do you think the fashion industry fairly represents a broad spectrum of beauty? if not / so, why?

It’s getting better but I feel like that’s mainly down to pressure because more people are aware and willing to speak up about it now. It just seems all a bit too forced to me tbh. 


How does your work communicate your take on beauty?

If I’m working with a brand/client I always try to adapt and build an aesthetic that’s suitable to them. There’s no better feeling than helping them see the beauty in what’s already there. With editorials it’s more like fantasy for me. When it comes to my personal style i’m quite minimal/stripped back so it’s my chance to show everyone another side of me or the things I like/see.


Do you think a persons appearance, especially females, plays a part in their general professional success?

Not always but definitely. Especially now with the internet. I hate it because it’s hard to know whether people genuinely fuck with your work or just because it’s you. 


How can we break down beauty ideals and conformity within the fashion industry?

By not being afraid to be ourselves or of our ideas. It starts with the realisation that beauty ideals are created by the industry mainly for money purposes. The more we see something the more we buy in to it because that’s what we see as the ‘it thing’ (whether thats in mags, campaigns, in stores or on the internet). So if we all just started putting out the shit we want to confidently and consistently eventually people would take it in. They don’t even have to like it but they would be more accepting

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