Sideara by Megan

@sideara by @meganmagdalena

I have so many friends that have been telling me for a while now I need to meet and collaborate with Sideara! I was just LA and we finally met at our mutual friends ball (an actual ball) and fell in love with each other. We met up early on Sunday morning (the one day it poured rain in LA) and just drove around until we saw something cool and for the rain to let up. Our first stop was "Dream Garden" on Sunset. We found a hidden chicken coop in the back and took a sneaky photo there. The pink building was really close to where I was staying. I saw it on the first day I was there and kind of became obsessed with it. I'd say "Hi!" to it every time I saw it. Oh, and the stuff on the couch is at my friend Evan's (where I was staying). We finished the shoot there because the rain was too heavy. Those indoor shots turned out to be some of my favorites.

Fun/real/raw/strong/feminine. I just wanted to capture Sideara in her element. She styled the shoot with her own clothes and pieces from her company, shopNIN3. The blue dress she's wearing is the dress I bought for the ball. So I guess I'm trying to convey the story of 2 girls who met at a ball and then got dressed up and ran around LA taking photos. hahahahahah.

I want the subjects to feel really good when they see the photos. I take photos to showcase humans who I find interesting and try to give them a voice and make them feel powerful. I aim to convey that there's many different forms of beauty and self expression and all of them are wonderful.  I only shoot 35mm film and polaroid. Right now I'm shooting with a Nikon f100 and Kodak Portra 400 film. I've always said "I only photograph friends and lovers." And I still mean it.