Siri & Sade by Avery

@siribo510 & @negist by

Styling: Luci

Makeup & Hair: Christina


I was really inspired to shoot Siri and Sade because they both possess a very strong and boldly unapologetic energy. We shot on location in West Oakland which is such a culturally rich neighbourhood (before gentrification) and we thought that it would complement their swagger really well.  I recently got into embroidery, so the shoot with Siri started off as a way to document her jacket, which a friend and I had collaborated on. Siri has so much sauce though! The jacket quickly took backseat and the shoot turned into a showcase of her personality. Same with Sade- her energy is so vibrant that I wanted to try and capture some of that on film.

I definitely feel like I have a documentary style of photography. I'm really interested in capturing the little things that make people who they are and showcasing these aspects in the hopes of inspiring other people to live their personal truth and express that truth freely. I started taking photography seriously maybe about five years ago, and I was always into filmmaking and it kinda segwayed into photography. In my opinion, photography and filmmaking are both very connected. I definitely look for personality in the people I shoot,  whether it's conveyed through  their facial expressions or sense of style.