Steffi by Borgy

I am Borgy Angeles; an art student and an image maker. Back when I was just starting my photography, I kept on eyeing on Steffi Ziebert to become as my muse. She's known as Babygirl Z in my country because of her aesthetic wise Instagram account and her personal style. While we're doing the shoot, it felt like I was walking in a dream. I've always wanted to shoot at hidden places here in my country, so I chose to do it at Circuit Makati; A festival ground, sports centre and skate park filled with art. I just wanted the outcome of the images to look serene and at the same time empowering.

The moment I got into photography I've always strive for authenticity and bring the emotion to my audience. But I always try not to conform myself in to one aesthetic only because I think my work have always space for improvements. There's actually no certain standard to be my muse, I think that if she can embody and portray the emotion that I wanted to show in my images, then she's the one!