Vatsala Manan Sharma, 25, Artist (New Delhi IN)


images from the series: Winter with Sad Girl

I am Vatsala, an art director, based in New Delhi, India. I like to write about films and cinema, illustrate my thoughts and feelings and take photographs of objects, people and nature. Cinema largely influences and informs my work. What inspires me is how certain filmmakers that I love, such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Xavier Dolan, and Wong Kar Wai, manage to create this atmosphere of sadness in their work, something which I can only describe as hopeful-gloominess. I feel, nowadays, there is a lot of pressure to be happy and our culture promotes this plastic idea of infinite happiness. So in my work I try to celebrate a feeling of sadness, how it can be an experience and not a nuisance. Because I feel you can be sad but still not be unhappy. That's what I feel people miss out on, the fact that sadness is actually very healing, comforting and maybe even a vacation, a form of meditation.