Zainab Floyd, 19, Artist (New York City US)


1. Is Now

2. Selfie Series

3. Selfie Series

4. Who Do You Think You Are?

5. Uncertainty


I am a student at The Borough of Manhattan Community College and I am majoring in Art History.  I am a multidisciplinary artist.  I try to document my experiences with being black, Muslim, and a woman in America which often times my friends can relate to. I am always relating to identity and our relationships with being Black, Muslim, and a Woman.  I try my best to document us as being human.  With all of the tragedies, worries, and horror stories that come with being African American, and Muslim in America, I try to humanize us as indulging in happiness, love, laughter, dance and song.  And that is my goal- to humanize my experiences with all of these identities.   I often speak of racism,  and rejection which comes from a place that I have often related to.  And I guess I want people to understand that I go through it just as much, and I am here.  I get it.